We slice through the clutter of conventional read-it-later apps, focusing on what truly matters:
quality over quantity,
consistency over effort.
Readbay believes
1 article a day with mindful engagement leads to steady growth.
Embrace the compounding power of knowledge with Readbay, where a 1% daily improvement can astonishingly result in a 37-fold increase in intellectual capacity over a year, exemplifying the power of steady, compounded growth.
2024 You Don’t Need New Goals,
You Need New Systems
1. Start with 1:
Just 1 Read a Day,
Effortless to Commit
Not to take a minute
more of your time.
2. Make the 1 Count:
Deeply Internalize Worthwhile Reads
from Great Minds
Offer counteractive, anti-mainstream nuggets, classic framework & mental models, first hand experience, cross-disciplinary perspectives.
Push Your Boundaries a Little Further Every Day.
prepping at your pace
Highlighting in Readbay feels as natural and fluid as drawing a line on paper.
As your hand guides the way, Readbay seamlessly responds, making your engagement with the text more intuitive.
You're not just reading; you're actively preparing and internalizing knowledge at a pace that suits you best.
Get inspired
like an
insightful coach
by your
As you glide your finger across the text, Readbay enhances the internalization process, turning each highlighted sentence into a springboard for inquisitive exploration.
Our AI questions are designed to provoke thought, enabling you topersonalize and directly apply what you read.
.Leverage the 1:
your personalized
toolkit for compounding growth
Every note you make in Readbay starts by
sharpening your thinking and evolves intofresh perspectives, practical frameworks & mental
models, decision-making basesfor
your future self, creating Lasting Impact and compounding growth.
Just like
your own 'Memory Bread' from Doraemon
. Every read, every
note - compounding your intellectual growth exponentially.
4. Sustain with 7-Day
Effortlessly Maintain
Long-term Habits
✅ Chunk Long-term habits into 7-day cycles
✅ Ride the wave continuously, adding color to your life!
Elevate Your Mind in 2024:
Commit to a Steady and Compounded
Mindset Upgrade
5. Streamline It All Together:
Auto-Sync to Notion
for Continuous
First Commit-to-Read
An Effortless Way to Grow Maximally with Minimalist Reading
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